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With 20 years experience in the classroom and 16 as a parent, I am happy to offer interactive sex education and health education workshops for parents, educators, kids, teens, and college students.

I am also available for more traditional talks and presentations.

Sample topics:

​For adults

Talking to kids about sex & puberty 

This session will help adults of younger kids learn how to talk about everything from gender stereotypes, to puberty, sexual orientation, and consent, while also touching on issues that will affect kids in the future like, sexual expression, online safety, and pornography.

How adults can support our LGBTQIA+ Youth

This workshop looks at how we can support tweens and teens in their exploration and understanding of their gender identities and sexual orientations. It will cover expected developmental milestones, debunk myths, provide an overview of the LGBTQIA+ landscape today, and offer tips for supporting young people in a world that doesn't always have their backs.

Developing good sexual citizenship: Building positive sexual environments & communities 

A lot of us have been socialized to accept a range of seemingly innocuous behaviors and attitudes about sexuality and gender as just "everyday stuff." But left unchecked, doing so can open the door to increasingly harmful behaviors. This workshop will use the lens of sexual citizenship explore everything from the impact of gender stereotypes and trans- and homophobia, to the endurance of victim blaming. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct a brief assessment to help determine which issues are most pressing for their own communities, and they will learn how to expose and then challenge toxic perceptions and reinforce positive community values. 


Building up body image: Supporting young people in a diet culture world

It is hard enough for adults to navigate the constant onslaught on messages about what they should look like,  

what they should eat, and what exactly constitutes being healthy. But for young people this can be even trickier. Unfortunately, our attempts at taking care of our kids can sometimes result in reinforcing some of the most damaging messages that diet culture promotes. We will unpack those and look at how to reframe conversations about food and bodies in our schools and our homes

​For kids and teens

The Basics and Beyond 

This workshop covers everything from surviving puberty to anatomy, deciding to have sex (or not!), pregnancy prevention, safer sex, and healthy decision making. The basics and beyond is a great sex ed overview.

Puberty Predicaments

A more detailed look at the specific changes that come with puberty and how to survive them. Tips on talking to parents and health care providers are provided. A workshops for all bodies and identities!

Healthy Relationships and Dating in One Easy Workshop 

Contrary to popular belief teens can be victims of unhealthy relationships and dating violence. This workshops helps teens identify the signs of an unhealthy situation and provides resources for getting help if necessary.

Consent & sexual violence prevention

Using the framework of sexual citizenship, the goal of this program is to help participants interrupt the structures that can lead to escalating harm before harm occurs. Participants will conduct a social norms survey to help identify their communities strengths as well as areas of growth.

I am also happy to create a program that meets your needs. Contact me for details!

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